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We are a Pennsylvania based full service mortgage broker serving all of Pennsylvania both residential & commercial.

Helping families get the loans they deserve.

As mortgage brokers, We work with many banks. We will find the bank that best fits your individual needs.

Our goal is to offer you great friendly service, at the most competitive rates. We will educate you, so the right decisions can be made.

We are confident that we can help you with all of your Mortgage needs.

AAA Mortgage Money Team

Customer Testimonial

We were having a terrible time refinancing our primary residence and cashing out of a rental property we owned during the home meltdown of 2008-2009. We had been through no less than 11 other instititions and brokers wasting months of valuable time. Out of frustration and desperation I picked up the phone book and called the first listing which happened to be AAA Mortgage Money. What a stroke of luck!

Kathy, the owner picked up the phone, listened to our situation, and got to work. With her vast experience and contacts she was able to to secure two lending institutions that would help us, and at great rates (at the time). She went to bat for us and although it took almost eight months to finally close, she stuck with us to the very end holding our hands every step of the way. We could not have found a more professional broker that new the ins and outs and made sure we had all of our I's dotted and T's crossed. (Wish I could say the same about our attorney but that's another story!)

We (my wife and I) cannot recommend anyone more highly. There is no way we could have accomplished our goal without AAA Mortgage Money and their diligent, hard work. Kathy cared about helping us with our situation, solved our problem, and for that we will be forever greatful. She saved us a LOT of grief! We will be using AAA Mortgage Money again in the near future.

- Mike T.